You know You’re Getting Older When…

Do you ever get those moments where you do or say something and be like “Oh shit, I am getting old!” ?
Yes, I get it, I’m not old, I am in my late twenties (eek). But those moments take me completely by surprise because I don’t realise my age. I don’t feel like a 27 year old. I do still feel 21 (except for when I go out out, then I do feel 27!)
When I was younger, I would always think that there would be a time when you got married, or bought your first home that your brain would just switch and be all like, adulty and grown up, and you would suddenly turn in to your mum (or dad if you’re a guy).

Yet here I am, married, with a mortgage, going through the selling and buying a house process and I am still waiting for my brain to go “ok now Jen, you’re a mature adult, let’s start thinking like one”.
So yep, there are definitely times where I do something or act a certain way and I would have to stop and say “woah, I am getting old!”…

1. When nothing excites you more than a night in with your hubby, drinking a G&T and listening to Kate Bush or David Bowie.

2. Or, when you organise a rare night out with your friends and you think you had better eat a substantial meal before having a drink, because eating is no longer cheating. Not eating is just stupid!

3. When you are buying more stuff for your home rather than for your wardrobe. “Ooh, look at that kitchen utensil/cushion/vase that I need in my life. Right. Now”.

4. Your home alone and instead of slobbing out on the sofa, you actually want to do household chores. Coz they ain’t getting done on their own!

5. You teach someone about bleaching their drains….you actually passed on cleaning wisdom rather than learning it from someone!

6. You want nothing more than to be able to host get togethers around your house and be the hostess with the mostesst!

7.You start going to bed early…9pm…whaaat!?

8. You begin to learn how to cook…from scratch…!

9. You become obsessed with how your home smells, so you buy reed diffusers, scented candles, and house spray things that go off every 30mins.

10. Your arguments with your other half are mainly centred around their clothes being every where or who’s turn it is to do the washing up.



Nights Out…and In!


Remember the days when you could go out and drink and dance from 8pm until 3am? And then walk the long walk home at half 3 in the morning, freezing cold in the winter and just right in the summer, needing a wee the whole way. You would get home when the birds just started to wake from their sleep and made it impossible for you to sleep because of their constant chirpy chirping…
This would be a weekly occurrence, and it never got old. I loved it. I loved how I could be out all night, have a few hours of rubbish sleep and then be able to function just ok the next day. As I got older, the hangovers would get worse. I was still young with the whole attitude of “I’ll drink as much as I want and I’ll be fine”…yet I will be sick all night and all day the next day. Blerugh.

From the ages of 18-21, I would go out and have the best time. The drunken sillyness, the laughs, the dancing, the love (coz you always love everyone when you get drunk!)

But then, after a while it would get a bit tiresome. The same club, the same songs, the same walk home, the same yucky feeling the next day. And also, when you have an adult, responsible job to go to, your brain has to be fresh. So naturally, these nights peter out.

These days, at 27 years old, those nights are very rare. I do yearn for them sometimes. I would just message the girls and say “let’s go out this Saturday and get drunk” and then as the night drawers closer, we all would say “actually, I’m knackered, let’s rearrange”. We will do it one day…but just not now! And sometimes there’s nothing nicer than to sit on the sofa with the person you love and put on candles and film and drink a niiiice glass of wine or G&T.
It’s just funny how when I was young, I remember thinking “this is great, I’m going to do this all the time for my whole life, and when I move out I can do it even more!” I remember always wondering why the “adults” my age who had their freedom to do what they want, very rarely went out and got smashed all the time. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are those who still do and I admire them, because I sure as hell couldn’t do it as often now.

Nope, now, my outlook is different. I’ve got older, and become one of those adults who go out occasionally. I am now content with going round our friends house, having takeaway and a few drinks, play some games and laugh a hell of a lot then fall asleep on their sofa. I am content with going to London with the girls once a month or so, having Nandos and catching up and laughing a hell of a lot and then going to our favourite “blog on the bog” coffee house (funny story, must tell one day!). We all would still go out, but it’s occasionally. It’s when life’s been a bit shit and you need to go out with your nearest and dearest to drink and dance the night away. It’s when there’s a celebration to be had, and you get together to have fun celebrating something special. And those are the nights that are the best. They’re rare, but great.

I am content with going out now and again. I do miss the dancing. And the getting so drunk you don’t care…and you can’t  remember what happened the next day. But when I do go, I revel in it and where it happens rarely, I enjoy it more.
13913732_10155050971981102_301949550254068795_o1150442_10154385947816102_8283000597371074494_o13938268_10155063163301102_6340746160512187100_oI guess it adds to the variety of life. Going out now and again, getting drunk now and again. It’s great, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

5 Things I’ve been Loving this Month…

Ok, so being that we’re only 6 days into November, I should have called it October favourties or waited until the end of this month and called it 5 Faves from November. But, tbh, I’ve been loving these things throughout both….so I thought I’d be vague!

1. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil

I had a good lil hair routine. I wash it twice a week, and only straighten it once out of the 2 washes. But, when there’s a special occasion or a fancy event occurring, I like to have my hair as sleek as possible. And that’s where the above has come in. My hair didn’t take too kindly to all the straightening lately, and I noticed the ends are getting a tad dry. So, I’ve been going eau natural. With the oil, I run it through the mid section to ends just after I’ve washed it and then put in a towel to dry a bit. I then very rough dry it a couple minutes and let it air dry. I then apply this every morning just the ends, and so far, it looks like it’s slowly helping the ends look less dry.

2. M&S Formula Beauty Range

After the Lo’real finally ran out, I thought I’d try something else. I was in M&S and stumbled across the Formula range. I was mainly drawn in because of the rose gold and white packaging. Basic and cliche I know. But then I read some reviews of it and there were 5 stars all the way. I tried a bit of the day cream, and it made my face so soft I went and bought the night and day cream. They had a promotion on where they give you the water for free with the two products so I also had that to take home. The three together work so well. Admittedly, my skin hasn’t been as good as when I was using the L’Oreal stuff, but it’s pretty dam close. It does look refreshed and dewy after I use it. It’s just not as soft as I want it to be. But who goes round touching faces anyway?

3. YSL BB Creme Skintone Perfector SPF 25
I -love- this. If you love the natural, light look where you don’t look like you have inch thick make up on, but not like you have gone out with a totally naked face, then this is just the one to get. It’s so easy and quick to apply, which is great as that gives me an extra 5 mins in bed. And you need so little of it for the whole of your face. It gives you a little glow and makes your face look dewy. It’s just lovely. And it lasts aaaaages. I got my first one in the white packaging in December last year, and I’m still using it now. To be fair, I don’t use it every day, but I do use it 85% of the time. I bought the new one in it’s fancy new black and gold packaging in duty free in September, and I still haven’t blooming used it!

4. Belvita Breakfast Soft Bakes
I don’t eat these for breakfast, but I eat these at elevensises or tensies if I get hungry earlier (that’s if I’m not eating one of the cakes that someone brought in for their birthday at work!). They are very tasty and do last a while in your belly (as in, you don’t get hungry all that soon afterwards). I don’t know about the 4 hour thing, as I haven’t timed it yet…and I eat at around 12 so I don’t ever give it a chance! But yea. When I fancy a cake, if there isn’t any, I grab one of these. Mmm.

5. Westworld (TV Series – Sky Atlantic)

Hubby and I are hooked. It’s soooo gooood! The premise is, as Wikipedia describes:

“The program takes place in fictional Westworld, a technologically advanced, Western-themed amusement park populated completely by synthetic androids dubbed “hosts”. Westworld caters to high-paying visitors dubbed “newcomers” (or just “guests”), who can do whatever they wish within the park, without fear of retaliation from the hosts.”

And then some. I can’t say too much in case people want to start watching it and I’ll just start giving away lots of spoilers. Oh it’s just so good and gripping. And there’s a lot less blood and gore and guts than The Walking Dead. As good as that series is….it does make me look away from the TV a lot!

Nearly the end of the year….

I last posted 9 months ago….and those 9 months have gone by -so- fast.
For my first post in 9 months…I’m just going to post lots of photos for a while. Best way to catch up I reckon!


So my friends and I went to Barcelona…..and omg we are still pining for it now. I definitely want to go back at some point, there’s so much more to do and see. It was fantastic and we had the best time.



Hubby and I also went to Kos, Greece. It was just amazing, and it was so nice to spend every day eating, drinking cocktails, laying in the sun, playing in the sea, lino-ing in the pool and again, I had the best time.

I feel so fortunate to have had two very amazing holidays with such fantastic, fun, fabulous people. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much!

What’s in My Bag

I always like watching videos/reading blog posts on what’s in people’s handbags (coz I’m a nosey one) so I figured I’ll do my own!
So I have a Kate Spade ♠ bag at the moment. And I absolutely love it.


I got it for Christmas from the hubby, I’m a very lucky girl if I do say so myself!
It is the most perfect size. It’s not too small so that it is impractical, yet it’s not too big and fits me well (being small is sometimes a pain – certain big bags can make me look even smaller!) As you can see, it fits a lot inside.


1. Cutica hand gel Mango Shimmer scent.
2. Armani Exchange eau de parfum.
3. Givency Very Irresistible (a musky version – I can’t remember the exact name)
4. My new favourite perfume – YSL Opium eau de parfum. It smells amazing.
5. Ted Baker hand cream.
6. A little present from my mum at Christmas. It’s a cute little pink bag with a penny, a piece of rubber, a four leaf clover, a heart and string. There’s a lovely little poem inside too.
7. Pen, Avon travel perfume, tissues and an ipod.


8. Brightside planner
9. Receipts and vouchers
10. Headphones
11. British Gas letter


12. Car key with a cute little pom pom keyring from New Look
13. Ray Ban sunglasses case with Ray Ban wayfarers inside
14. Make up bag
15. Kate Spade purse
16. Notebook and pen
17. Card holder
18. House keys (with a massive Robert keyring from Accessorize!)


A guinea pig in the middle of love 😊
OK, so she is never in my bag, but I thought it was a cute way to end this post!
And that’s it!
Not exactly a chatty one, but the pictures speak for themselves 👍


So Lana del Ray has a new album out (I’m probably a little late in knowing this!).
Only just discovering this as her new single ‘Freak’ was on my suggested list on YouTube.
It’s a great song. Many of you may think it’s boring, but I just love the dark, sexyish vibe it is. Granted, the music video is a bit odd…and the piano part I feel is a bit out of the song’s style…..but I do like it and like a bit of piano music. I had actually forgotten how much I enjoy listening to Lana’s music. I have both of her first albums and they’ve got this dark undertone to the songs.
Anyway, whilst I go and listen to her again, check out her new song below:

and while you’re at it, this one is also very good:

Finally, this one is old, but quite appropriate for valentines day..!